HIDE&SEE Eye Patches - Unicorn World Pack

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  • 50 individual sterilised patches
  • 5 x fun and playful designs that kids want to wear!
  • Instruction insert on how to correctly apply and remove our patches
  • A Magical Mermaid reward Poster to help keep your little ones motivated to patch!

Why Choose HIDE&SEE Eye Patches:

  • EYE SPECIALIST APPROVED AND DESIGNED: Light blocking design with custom made pad shape to ensure complete blocking of the light when our patches are worn correctly
  • SOFT & BREATHABLE: Patching is hard enough - we make it that little bit easier with PLAYFUL and CREATIVE designs to make your child excited to wear their eye patch. They will forget they even have it on with its soft and breathable material allowing maximum comfort.
  • TESTED ON AND APPROVED BY REAL KIDS: These patches have been approved by kids and parents who require daily patching. The special adhesive allows it to stay on without being sensitive to the skin and NO sticky residue when taken off.
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL: First time patcher? Take out the guess of which patch will fit properly- our patches have been designed to fit babies, infants, boys, girls, adults (Follow instruction included inside for correct way to apply patch and wear). 
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: Hypoallergenic and latex free. Our patches are safe for all skin types. Tested on kids and not animals
  • BIODEGRADABLE: Feel a little better about your impact on the environment knowing that these Eye patches can be popped into your compost and decompose naturally.
  • CONVENIENT ZIPLOCK TRAVEL POUCH: For parents and kids on the go. Easily throw into your purse/bag to get that patch- time in at school, on a road trip or at the grandparents (you never know when you can squeeze a few hours in!).

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Carmen Slockee
Great patches

I’d definitely recommend these patches, my daughter loves choosing a new pattern each day when it’s time to do her patching. They are easy to use and a big win is they don’t hurt when they come off! Super happy with the product

Joanna Lin
Best patches we’ve tried

We’ve tried quite a few brands of patches. These are great. The designs are cute and most importantly, they don’t hurt to remove!

Fiona Bell
Amazing eye patches!

I would never have thought that my 4yo daughter would LOVE wearing an eye patch - she does! And the poster that she can stick them on at the end of each day is the cherry on the top.

Darren Mead
Left and Right

Love these but would really love it if the patch designs would be left and right orientated. My girl picks up that the design is upside down because its on her right eye and not on the left as it is orientated.

Cute Designs

We have been using Hide&See Eye Patches for over a year now with no complaints! Love this new design for a little change to keep it interesting for my 5 year old.