Introducing our Charity Partner, Sightsavers

Introducing our Charity Partner, Sightsavers

Did you know that around the world, 2.2 billion people have a visual impairment, but almost half of vision impairment is preventable or treatable? 

Here at Speckles, we’re on a mission to raise awareness and early intervention for children’s vision impairment, and to help kids and parents all around the world have access to affordable eyewear solutions . 

One of the ways we’re helping close the gap on avoidable blindness is by partnering with the amazing team at Sightsavers, who work with disadvantaged populations who don’t have access to  eye care services. 


Working with over 30 countries around the world, Sightsavers works with local, regional, national and international partners and governments to distribute treatments to prevent disease, carry out eye operations, advocate for disability rights and improve health services to create sustainable development projects.

We proudly donate $1 from every pack of our Hide&See patches that we sell to help Sightsavers continue to do this important work and maximise their impact.  

To find out more, visit the Sightsavers website here