HIDE&SEE Eye Patches - Imagine Pack

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Includes 50 sterilised kids eye patches with light-blocking design, instruction insert and dinosaur reward poster.

Designs include:
  • Space Jam
  • Play Time
  • Dinosaurs
  • Emoji Rain
  • Jungle Fever
 One size fits all - Babies to Adults

Customer Reviews

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Rosie Devery
Wonderfully gentle adhesive

I was a bit skeptical at first about the claims that the adhesive was so gentle because other brands we've tried have claimed that too (and been untrue), but these are by far the gentlest to remove for my son (who HATES plasters) and he tolerates them way better. Thanks Speckles :-)

Vicky B
Very cute and practical

Love the designs and feel of the Patches. Slightly sad as my sons skin is having a slight reaction to them so will have to monitor.

Amazing product

So happy with the patches, my son has now done 6 days. He loves picking which pattern to wear. So grateful to have found this product!

Lisa Cox
Not for any age

The eye patches are advertised ‘for all ages’. This is the reason I bought them. However, they are smaller than other patches that are available for 4+ year olds. The pictures online are a little misleading- they look huge on the children modelling them. The reality is that they are small on my 5 year old. The patches are made from good quality materials and have great designs.

Hays Browne
A massive hit

My son is 6 and loves the Speckles patches! The patterns are great and the reward chart really does help with motivation.

My only request is that you have another option than lets you buy packs of all one pattern or choose the patterns you want, rather than having to get the patterns in the set variety packs.

All he wants to wear are the Rocket ships and the Dino’s!