Transform Patch-time into an Exciting Adventure!

Making Kids Vision Care Fun and Supportive

At Speckles, we believe that every child's vision journey should be filled with fun, support, and quality care. Founded by an orthoptist, Speckles transforms children's eye care from a clinical experience into an engaging adventure.

Our collaboration with Disney brings beloved characters to life on our eye patches, making them a exciting part of treating amblyopia, or "Curious Eye" as we prefer to call it. Join us in our mission to provide early detection and effective treatment for children's vision health.

Why do We Patch the Eye?

Patching, also known as occlusion therapy, is a common treatment method for the vision condition, Amblyopia. You may have heard of this being called 'Lazy eye', BUT here at Speckles we prefer the more encouraging term 'curious eye'.

With Amblyopia, vision loss occurs because one eye has clearer vision than the other and the brain begins to favour it, ignoring images from the ‘curious eye’. Due to this, the visual pathway between the ‘curious eye’ and the brain is unable to develop a strong and reliable connection, leading to underdevelopment.

Doctors prescribe wearing an eye patch or using eye drops to penalise the eye with clearer vision and give the 'curious eye' a competitive advantage. This allows its nerve connections to strengthen and develop, preventing vision loss. Watch the video for Maddy’s simple explainer on Amblyopia and some of its common causes or visit our eyeHUB to learn all things eye.

Why do We Patch the Eye?