Show Us Your Curious Eye



Amblyopia, commonly known as "Lazy eye", refers to the underdevelopment of the eye's connection to the brain. We prefer to think of the eye as "Curious" because the eye is unique, has just been a little distracted, and is still learning to focus and develop that pathway. With the right attention and extra support it will become a great team player to its other eye. Our goal is for both eyes to work equally and as a team, so they can maximise their playtime together and become the best of friends.

"Curious?!" We hear you ask...

Yes, "Curious". We've had enough of the negative language surrounding Amblyopia. No one wants a "Lazy" eye - just hearing the term makes us feel disheartened before we even really know what it means. In fact, research shows that this negative language can even cause delays and roadblocks in our journey to better vision. 

So, we're on a mission to change that. Will you help us?

 If we can educate our children about the condition in more positive language, we can help to improve their understanding, increase compliance to therapy such as patching and ultimately, build their confidence.

Start using Curious eye when explaining the condition to your patients, Child with Amblyopia or sharing information with curious friends 😊