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Meet our Patchers

Meet Aila 👏

by Speckles Info 08 Aug 2023
Meet Aila 👏

Aila is 3 years old and was diagnosed with PHPV at around 9 months old with suspected minimal vision in her right eye. She started patching with Speckles when she was only 18 months old but her parents decided to give her a little break as she would constantly rip her patch off (who can relate 🫢).

Aila's mum, Joely explained they decided to try again now that she is a little bit older and to help motivate her they made her a special mini-chart that rewards her when she finishes 7 patching sessions for a minimum of 2hrs (but the secret goal is to keep her distracted until 3hrs). We love this idea for little ones as they can see their progress clearly and recognise that they're on their way to a stronger vision.

Aila takes the chart to daycare to show her friends and their goal is to slowly increase the number of patches on the poster until she can graduate to using the Speckles reward poster (which will save them a lot of money on rewards too 😂).

We think you are doing absolutely amazing with your progress Aila and we are cheering you one ❤️ 

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