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Meet our Patchers

Meet Ari! 👏

by Keana Fat 28 Feb 2022
Meet Ari! 👏

Ari has been patching since he was ten months old as his eye sight difficulties are due to craniosynostosis. This condition means that Ari lost 70% of his vision and had to have multiple fusions as a baby. ⁠

Ari is now five and patches for at least two hours per day. ⁠His favourite activities when patching is puzzles, lego or watching his favourite TV shows. We also love Ari's patching idea for today being colouring in the concrete! 🖍️⁠

⭐We think that Ari is an absolute superstar and we are here for him every step of his journey to better vision! ⁠

📸 @jnak_1

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