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Meet our Patchers

Meet Georgia 👏

by Speckles Info 22 Mar 2023
Meet Georgia 👏
Georgia was diagnosed with amblyopia in her right at the end of November last year just a few days before turning 7. She now patches for 4 hours a day and wears glasses. She absolutely loves her Hide&See eye patches, especially the unicorn designs 🦄

Her Mum, Jenna said "Your fun patches and charts have made it so much easier to get Georgia motivated to patch. She loves picking a patch to make a pattern on her chart.

Georgia loves to have a look with me on your Instagram page at all the other kids patching and wanted me to send in this photo of her first completed patching chart. Thank you for all the resources you provide online and your great patching activity ideas it has really helped me with Georgia on the new experience".

A HUGE congratulations to Georgia for finishing her reward poster! ❤️
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