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Celebrating Curious Eyes

by Speckles Info 22 Aug 2023
Celebrating Curious Eyes

Amblyopia (am-blee-OH-pee-uh) is one of the most common vision problems in children. It is often referred to as "lazy eye" because of the reduced vision in one eye, however, here at Speckles we want to change this language and teach kids that their eye is NOT lazy... its just curious.  Here's our top reasons why!

  1. The term lazy eye can make kids feel like there is something wrong with them, which can create long term self esteem issues about their eyes.
  2. Low self-confidence can lead to kids rejecting therapies such as patching or wearing glasses, preventing them from strengthening their vision.
  3. The word "lazy" implies their eye is inactive when reality the eye is still learning and developing
  4. Positive language is more encouraging and easier for kids to understand.
  5. The term "curious eye" can help kids to understand their diagnosis and why they need to patch.
  6. It can also increase compliance to therapies like patching and help to build their confidence on their vision journey!

Having a vision development disorder is completely out of a child's control, which is why it is so important to us that we change the language around Amblyopia. You can help us on this mission by show us your child's #CuriousEye. Just snap a pic or video of your child wearing their favourite Hide&See patch and tag @SpecklesKids or email us with their story at


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