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Meet our Patchers

Meet Florence 👏

by Keana Fat 28 Feb 2022
Meet Florence 👏

Say a big hello to our latest Speckles Superstar FLORENCE! 

Floss LOVES Bluey the Dog, Tutus and sneaking into her Mum and Dad's bed for cuddles! ⁠

She had a Congenital Cataract in her right eye removed when she was just two years old. A cataract can make your vision blurry or misty, a bit like trying to look through frosted glass. Due to the surgery, they also had to remove her lens so she now wears a new lens every week and patches regularly to achieve the best vision possible. ⁠

We love Floss's amazing attitude and cheeky smile and think she is such a little legend! ⁠

⁠🤩 Florence wears our Emoji Rain patch to perfectly match her outfit! ⁠

📸 @realmumsofbrisbane

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