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Meet our Patchers

Meet Luca 👏

by Zoe Drew 13 Apr 2022
Meet Luca 👏
Luca is 4 years old and lives in Alexandria, Central Otago, New Zealand. He was diagnosed with decreased vision in his right eye at 12 months of age and then diagnosed with amblyopia at age 2. Sick of only being able to purchase plain, skin-coloured patches, his mum Ashleigh began looking for alternatives that might intrigue Luca to want to patch....that was when she stumbled across Speckles and she has purchased Luca's patches from us ever since.
Ashleigh says Luca has always enjoyed wearing Speckles eye patches, they don't irritate his skin, are comfortable and he loves selecting the design that he wants to wear that day. Keep up the amazing work Luca ❤️
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