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Meet our Patchers

Meet Matilda 👏

by Zoe Drew 29 Aug 2022
Meet Matilda 👏
Matilda is nearly 2 and has been patching since she was 18 months old due to outward turns (exotropia) in both her eyes. Her mum pops a patch on each eye, alternating days for 2 hours a day. After the initial 3 months of doing patch therapy, Matilda's vision is steadily improving which is what we LOVE to hear ❤️

Matilda loves going through the different options each morning and picking the pattern she feels like wearing. She enjoys it so much that if her mum forgets to bring out the Speckles bag or is too slow, Matilda reminds her 😆

You're doing amazing Matilda! Keep it up 🙌 
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