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Meet our Patchers

Meet Millie 👏

by Keana Fat 28 Feb 2022
Meet Millie 👏

Millie is almost 3 and has been patching for 6 months now. Millie was diagnosed with intermittent exotropia, a condition in which there are times when one eye has drifted outwards and other times when the eyes are straight. This led to amblyopia developing and Millie needing to patch.

Millie's mum @bechnotechno shared that there are some tough patching mornings, however making a matching eye patch for Millie's doll really helps on those hard days! We think they are both doing a great job! 😍❤

Millie is rocking her Planet Unicorn 🦄 eye patch from our Unicorn World Pack. 💫 Thanks to her mum for sharing Millie's journey to better vision🤗

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