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Meet our Patchers

Meet Noah 👏

by Zoe Drew 29 Aug 2022
Meet Noah 👏
Noah was born with a dense congenital cataract in his right eye which was removed at 6 weeks old and within weeks, he started his patching journey. His mum Emily says the first couple of years of patching were really hard and Noah constantly tried to remove his patch. However, as Noah got older (and began to understand bribery 😜) patch time became easier. Having so many fun, bright and colourful patches to decide from helps too 🌈

Noah is still struggling with his vision and when patching, he often has to hold things centimetres from his face in order to see them. He likes to spend his patch time doing screen time activities recommended by his ophthalmologist, as well as puzzles or playing outside 🧩☀️🌲

Emily says finding the time to fit in 4 hrs of patching a day, while paying attention to make sure Noah is not cheating (peaking) or pulling the patch off has almost been their hardest struggle as a family. Especially as they have other children, dinner to cook and jobs and houses to keep. She says the balance can be really difficult to find at times. Who else can relate? 🙋‍♀️

We think Emily and little Noah are doing incredible and we can't thank them enough for their honesty in sharing their family's patching journey 🫶
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