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Patching 101

Navigating Patching at School

by Speckles Info 17 Jan 2024
Navigating Patching at School

As your child starts on their patching journey and it becomes a part of their everyday life, for school-aged kids, this means possible patching at School. When first starting, this can be a unique challenge, both for the little ones embracing Speckles eye patches and the parents trying to ensure a smooth experience. Here's our guide to making patching a positive and inclusive part of the school day.

1. Teacher Teamwork: Communication is Key!

Start by having an open conversation with your child's teacher. Sharing information about your child's vision, why they need to wear the eye patch, and any specific considerations can make a significant difference. This knowledge allows for better planning of classroom activities to accomodate to your child's level of vision, as they can ensure your child can safely and confidently participate. One way to provide insight into how your child sees the world is to use Bayer's Visual Acuity Tool! Simply move the slider to what their visual acuity was from their last eye check, like in the images below to compare it to normal vision. You could also share links to relevant articles on our eyeHUB or videos on our YouTube, TikTok, Facebook or Instagram. Remember, teachers play a vital role in making the classroom environment safe, supportive and understanding.

  Two images of a bus with sliders underneath. The first is in high definition and the slider is set to normal vision. The other image is blurry and the slider is set to Sight Impaired

2. Education is Empathy: Teach the Class

Consider taking the opportunity, with the teacher, to educate the entire class about why your child needs to wear the eye patch. It's a simple way to foster understanding and create a supportive atmosphere. Explaining why your child wears the patch and how it helps can go a long way in building empathy among classmates. Plus, its a wonderful opportunity to encourage all kids to get their eyes checked. This not only promotes eye health awareness but also normalises the idea of eye care within the class.

3. Share Their Success: Bring the Reward Chart

If your child is finishing patch time at school, why not pop their reward chart (that we include in every bag of our eye patches) up on a wall in the classroom. This not only showcases their progress but also involves the class in their vision journey! They could also bring their finished posters into show and tell - a round of applause from classmates can make your child feel proud and supported.

4. Time Management: Splitting Hours

Depending on the required hours for patching and if your eye specialist approves, consider splitting the patching hours into morning and afternoon sessions. This can make it more manageable for your child, especially during longer school days.

5. Team Speckles is here for You!

At Speckles, we're all about supporting each other. If you encounter any challenges or have specific concerns about patching at school, feel free to reach out. We're here to brainstorm ideas and share tips to make the school day with Speckles a breeze.

Remember, patching is a team effort, and every small step counts. Here's to clear visions, supportive classrooms, and rocking those patches with pride!

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