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Meet our Patchers

Meet Banks 👏

by Speckles Info 22 Aug 2023
Meet Banks 👏

Banks is 5 months old and has been patching since he was a teeny tot at only 5 weeks, as he was diagnosed with a Congenital Cataract. His eye care team initially planned on him undergoing surgery at 2 months to remove the cataract, however, they decided to wait to see how the cataract and Bank's vision progressed.

His mum, Rachel said "It’s kind of a “borderline” situation…. I’m so thankful we’ve had a little more “normal” time prior to starting with the contact lens but I’m just really not looking forward to having to do it daily but do have a great support of people to help out and we know it’ll benefit him!"

Banks usually wears his patch in the morning while playing outside and we think looks too cute for words rocking the Emoji Rain patch from our Imagine Pack 😀🥰😮

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