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Meet our Patchers

Meet Carter! 👏

by Keana Fat 28 Feb 2022
Meet Carter! 👏

Carter is a patching hero at only 4 months old. He developed Amblyopia due to his strabismus, also known as a turned eye. By patching his dominant eye, he is able to strengthen the eye muscles and vision in his turned eye which will hopefully help prevent/reduce surgical intervention. 🙏

He loves to play in his jolly jumper and spends his patch time with his sensory puppy dog toy to help keep him distracted and prevent any wandering baby fingers from reaching for his patch. Carter's parents particularly like how our eye patches don't hurt his skin.

We are so happy to be on your patching Journey with you Carter, we think you look adorable in your dinosaur patch 🦖 from our Imagine Bag. ✨

Thanks for sharing with us @katina.elle_
We look forward to staying updated on Carter's vision journey. 💕

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