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Meet our Patchers

Meet Zay 👏

by Keana Fat 28 Feb 2022
Meet Zay 👏

We can't get enough of how cute all these little patchers are dressed up for #halloween! 🤩👻

Just like Zay here dressed as a pirate! ☠️ This brave little patcher has been patching since he was four weeks old and has undergone surgery to correct his droopy eyelid, known as Ptosis, when he was only three months old.

Ptosis is one of the reasons that can cause a child to develop Amblyopia (Curious eye) due to the droopy eyelid blocking the pupil of the eye and therefore the brain is not able to receive an image from that eye.

Zay is definitely on the way to better vision with his #curiouseye post surgery as he continues to wear his patch for 2 hours everyday to build up the vision. He is rocking our Pirate Adventure ⚓️ patch from our Explorer Bag.

Way to go, Zay! You inspire us and we are here to support you. 🙌🥰

Thanks for tagging and sharing Zay's story with us @luamarchi and . We love staying updated on your patching journey. ❤

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