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Meet our Patchers

Meet Tilly 👏

by Speckles Info 26 Jun 2023
Meet Tilly 👏

Tilly is nearly two and has been patching since she was only a few weeks old due to her congenital Ptosis - a condition where the upper eyelid of one or both eyes droops down (this can lead to other vision conditions such as Amblyopia).

Tilly is currently patching near St Pauls, London 🇬🇧 as her family is on a 6 week European holiday (so jealous 🫢).

Her mum, Tiffany said "Unfortunately we have reached the toddler stage so some days the patch stays on for 5 minutes and other days we get hours".... who can relate? Tiffany's biggest patching tip is keeping Tilly distracted or busy for as long as possible so she forgets about the patch until it comes time to take it off.

Keep up the incredible work Tilly and we hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday ❤️

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