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Meet The Brien Holden Foundation – Vision for everyone, everywhere

by Keana Fat 25 Feb 2022
Meet The Brien Holden Foundation – Vision for everyone, everywhere

Every year, an astonishing number of people lose their sight. Despite the fact that 80% can be successfully treated, thousands are never able to get access to the treatment they need and wind up completely blind. And as we continue our way of closing the gap on avoidable blindness, we are proud to announce our partnership with the Brien Holden Foundation (BHF),  an international charity that helps improve quality of life by improving access to eye care in developing countries. We’re proud to work with them, as they share the same mission with us and that is closing the gap on avoidable blindness and making a tangible difference to millions of people, many of them are children, who needlessly go blind almost every year due to a lack of basic health care.

Photo from Brien Holden Foundation
Between July 2020 to June 2021, the BHF proudly conducted over 9000 eye examinations in Australia by providing visiting optometry services to approximately 140 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, as well as Refugee/Migrant communities working in collaboration to provide comprehensive eye health services.


Their Aboriginal Vision Program in Northern Territory includes training and mentoring primary health care workers to enable eye health checks and referral pathways to be effectively supported by health centers. More so, with their Kids NT Project aiming to empower and value the investment in children with the gift of sight as they continuously work towards pathways of care where no child should be left behind as they say- vision for everyone, everywhere. Here at Speckles, we were so eager to help support this initiative and we happily donated some Hide&See Eye patches, to help kids and their families get started on their patching journey. 

If you want to learn more about the Brien Holden Foundation or provide support, you can go check their website by clicking here.  And before you go, you may join our Speckles Facebook Community here or share your thoughts with us and send a Hi on Instagram!

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