Patching 101

Navigating Patching at School

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Patching at school can be a unique challenge, both for the little ones and the parents trying to ensure a smooth experience. Here's our guide to making patching a positive and inclusive part of the school day.

Anxiety in kids

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While feelings of fear and nervousness are the body’s natural response to stress, anxiety can be a problem for kids when it affects their daily life. It is caused by an overactive "fight or flight" response and results in excessive and persistent worry about everyday situations in the past, present and future.

Motivating Kids to Patch

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An Amblyopia diagnosis can be intimidating for parents and motivating your child to pop on a patch isn't always easy. As your child must depend on the eye with the weaker vision while patching, they may experience difficulty seeing. To help them get excited to patch we've put together some ideas that...

Celebrating Curious Eyes

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Amblyopia (am-blee-OH-pee-uh) is one of the most common vision problems in children and it is often referred to as "lazy eye" because of the reduced vision in one eye. Here at Speckles we want to change this language and teach kids that their eye is NOT lazy... its just curious.  Here's our top reasons why!

10 Activities To Do While Patching!

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Keeping your little one cool, calm and collected while patching can be a struggle as their brain can no longer rely on the stronger eye and must work extra hard to see. There are a huge range of activities your child can do while patching such as arts, crafts, reading, cooking, learning an...

Why Do We Patch The Eye?

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Ok, so you have been told you need to patch your child's eye, but why? Or you have seen a kid wearing a patch over their eye and didn't want to be rude and ask why? We got you covered , READ THIS.

Patching Survival guide for first time patchers

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When you first start patching with your little legend, it can be intimidating. Hide and See Patches Orthoptist Maddy, has put together the DO's and DON'Ts of patching that will help make it a little bit easier!