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Meet our Patchers

Meet Addy 👏

by Zoe Drew 27 Sep 2022
Meet Addy 👏
Addy just turned 2 and has been patching since she was just 10 months old. She was born with a rare genetic condition named Hirschsprung disease, which affects her vision, hearing and renal system among others. Addy also has astigmatism, so she pops on a patch for 2 hours a day to strengthen her curious eye.
Little Addy had major surgery to remove her large intestine in March and due to post-op complications, she stopped eating. To make sure her body was still getting the nutrients she needed to grow big and strong, the doctors inserted an NG feeding tube but unfortunately, this meant she had to take a break from patching. Her mum Erin explained that as she already had tape on her face to hold the tube in place, she didn’t want to risk pulling off the tube's tape when removing Addy's patch.

Miss Addy has had 3 major bowel surgeries in her short 2 years with a few more to come but she’s taken back to patching with excitement! She is currently obsessed with bugs and dinosaurs and is loving the designs of our Kasey Rainbow Patches

We think Addy is an absolute trooper and we LOVE following her patching journey ❤️
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