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Meet our Patchers

Meet Henry 👏

by Zoe Drew 29 Aug 2022
Meet Henry 👏
Henry is three, lives in 🇨🇦 Canada 🇨🇦 and patches six hours a day to strengthen his 'curious' eye. Since starting occlusion therapy a month ago, his doctor has seen significant improvement in his vision, exactly what we LOVE to hear at Speckles ❤️

Henry's current favourite patch is the unicorn pool party from the unicorn world pack. He loves to do puzzles while he patches or heads outside to draw with chalk on the driveway, play in his sandbox and help his grandfather in the garden 🪴☀️

His mum, Alyssa, values that Speckles is not only invested in children’s physical health but their overall well-being too. She has saved many of the patch-time activity reels and recipes, with the unicorn bark recipe being the favourite so far (obviously since unicorns were involved) 🦄 🌈

We're so proud of you Henry, keep it up!
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