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Meet our Patchers

Meet Jax 👏

by Speckles Info 07 Nov 2023
Meet Jax 👏

Jax is four and a half years old and has been patching since January 2021 (just shy of his 2nd birthday). This little champion takes it upon himself to put on his patch every day, with little to no fuss! 🙌 Apparently the toughest decision for Jax each day is which design to wear 😂

His mum, Jessica, said "If you had told me at the beginning of this journey that it would get easier I wouldn’t believe it. Yet here we are, it has simply become part of his routine now. Even his kinder friends love his colourful patches. Your patches have made a HUGE difference- we are so glad we came across them. 😊"

Stories like these warm our hearts and we absolutely LOVE this highlights reel of Jax's vision journey that Jessica shared 🥹🫶

Keep up the incredible work Jax ❤️

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