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Meet our Patchers

Meet Levi 👏

by Speckles Info 16 May 2023
Meet Levi 👏
Levi is nearly 4 years old and has accommodative esotropia (an inward turn) in his left eye. He has been patching since late last year, which his mum, Cassandra, said was a slow start at first but now he’s in a great routine. He wears his patch after his shower in the evening and gets to choose something to watch on the TV while he chills out. After he picks which design he wants to wear, Cassandra said she puts the patch on her hand first to make sure it’s not too sticky when she pulls it off later (such a great idea!) 🫶

Levi looks forward to getting his first reward, a Rubble Paw Patrol toy, for wearing his patch 20 nights in a row. Keep up the incredible work Levi! ❤️

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