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Meet our Patchers

Meet Quinn 👏

by Keana Fat 28 Feb 2022
Meet Quinn 👏

Quinn loves to spend her patch time dressing up as a princess and like any other 3 year old, you will find her climbing trees or monkey bars. Patching has not slowed her down but has even made her more confident as her vision in her curious eye improves! 🙌

Her mum @riannamcdonell shared that Quinn once had a phase of not wearing her old patch but was inspired by our other patching heroes here and wore her #hideandseeeyepatches confidently! ❤️Awww you inspire us too, Quinn. 🥰

PLUS, you look great wearing your Mermaid Mayhem Eye Patch from Fantasy Pack! 🧜🏽‍♀️✨ Keep up the good work little girl! 🤩

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