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Meet our Patchers

Meet Violet 👏

by Zoe Drew 29 Aug 2022
Meet Violet 👏
Violet is 10 months and has been patching since she was 3 months, for 3 hours a day due to her Congenital Third Nerve Palsy. CN3 Palsy is a rare condition that affects the third cranial nerve's ability to control the movement of eye muscles. These muscles play a special role in helping the eye move inward, up and down as well as the position of the upper eyelid. For kids like Violet, the eye does not react normally to light and the pupil is enlarged, preventing her from seeing clearly 👀✨

Whenever Violet pops on her patch, her big sis Zoey likes to sing “Dancing on the High Seas” because she thinks she looks like Captain Feathersword 😂

We think Violet and her mum Heather are absolute champions ❤️
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