Where Do You Ship to?

We have Fast Australian Wide shipping and International Shipping to New Zealand.

We also offer Fast Shipping within The United States, Canada and Mexico.

For Anyone outside of our current shipping zones, you are able to purchase our patches on Amazon and they will ship to most countries -please check depending on your location at checkout.


How are your patches one size fits all?

Our in-house orthoptist and founder, has treated many children with Amblyopia and has done a lot of product development and testing to have our patches fit babies up to adults when our patches are worn correctly.  Please follow instruction insert included in our patch bags for more details on how to apply.

How do I apply my childs eye patch?

Instructions on how to apply and remove our Hide&See Eye patches are included in every bag of eye patches.

Are your eye patches reusable?

Our patches are recommended for one-time use only to encourage good eye hygiene.

Can my child swim in their eye patch?

It is highly discouraged for children to swim while they are patching. This is because you are most likely patching your child's stronger eye and therefore they are relying on their eye with lower vision to see. This can put your child at risk in the water if they are not able to see properly. Please make sure your child is in a comfortable environment when they patch and they are doing activities that their level of vision allows for. Please always consult with your eye care professional if you are not sure what activities to do while your child is patching.

Are your Patches Hypoallergenic?

Yes, our patches are Hypoallergenic as well as Latex free, sterile, TGA and FDA approved. 

Why should I choose Hide&See Eye Patches over other brands?

Our patches were designed and created with love by our founder who is an Orthoptist that specialises in the treatment of Amblyopia in young children. With her many years of experience as an eye care professional and after testing many materials, designs and shapes, we believe we have created one of the most comfortable, breathable and fun patches on the market. We want to help minimise any barriers to patching your child, by making it convenient and easy in our ziplock travel bag for parents and kids on the go. Our eye-catching designs will also have your child excited about wearing their Hide&See Eye Patch!