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Eye Patches kids want to wear!

Eye Patches Kids Want to Wear!

Created with love by our founder and in house Orthoptist. Hide&See Eye Patches were designed to keep comfort, breathability and of course FUN front of mind. With our eye-catching designs and a convenient travel pouch, we hope that our patches make patching that little bit easier!

Why Choose HIDE&SEE Eye Patches?


Our patches contain a special light blocking pad that consist of three different layers to completely block out the light from entering the eye. This allows for effective treatment of Amblyopia when following a prescribed patching regime.


The more you rub, the stronger the stick! With our smart adhesive technology, you can tailor the level of stick with our patches to meet your child's needs based on hours of wear, skin sensitivity and use in different climates. Whilst at the same time, being gentle on removal.


Our patches are made from a special non-woven material that is soft and breathable on your child's face. This ensures maximum comfort for your little one while they patch.


Our patches are latex free and suitable for most skin types, including those who may be extra sensitive.


With Amblyopia, commonly called 'Lazy eye', vision loss happens because the brain favours the eye with stronger vision and basically ignores images from the eye with poor vision. Therefore the “lazy eye” and the brain are unable to develop a strong and reliable connection via the nerve fibres that travel from the eye to the brain (visual pathway), resulting in underdevelopment of the visual pathway.

To treat Amblyopia, most doctors recommend the use of patching or eye drops. This is known as occlusion therapy, where the eye with stronger vision is penalised with the use of patches or eye drops, to give the “lazy eye” a competitive advantage and allow its nerve connections, from the eye to the brain (visual pathway), to strengthen and develop and therefore improve the eyes vision.

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