Tips in Finding the Best Sunglasses for Your Child

It’s no secret that children love to play under the sun and this increases their exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays. Increased exposure to sunlight means a greater risk of eye damage from ultraviolet (UV) light which is invisible electromagnetic radiation coming from the sun. Children's eyelids and skin around the eye are delicate and more vulnerable than adult skin. 

That’s why sunglasses are built to protect the skin around the eye and the eye itself. But what should you check for in finding the BEST sunglasses? We've made it simple for you by creating a list of tips for selecting sunglasses best fit your child.

Keep an eye out for UV protection.

Sunglasses for children should provide the highest suitable protection. We recommend looking for sunglasses that are 100% guaranteed to block UVA and UVB rays. Most sunglasses now have UV protection built into the lens rather than being coated on top of it, and most trustworthy products indicate UV protection on their labels.



Ensure that it covers the majority of your kid’s eyes.

It’s best to not just choose sunglasses based on their cool design. Make sure that they have a large lens shape that can cover a lot of skin, especially the eye area. 



Choose bendable and durable shades.

We all know how active children are, but it should not be the reason to compromise their eye safety.  It is very important to have sunglasses that can withstand all the falls and breaks - look for shatterproof lenses and kid-proof frames. Also, make sure that the fit is secure and comfortable.


Allow your child to choose.

Above all, it is best to let your child choose their sunglasses. You can narrow down their options based on safety and durability, but they should have the final say on style and colors.

Bonus Tip! 

When outside or on the beach, let your child wear wide-brimmed hats and sunscreen as an added layer of protection to minimize their UV exposure.