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Meet Aiya 👏

by Speckles Info 04 Sep 2023
Meet Aiya 👏

Aiya is four years old and was diagnosed with Anisohypermetropia (a vision condition where one eye has a significantly different level of farsightedness than the other eye) and accommodative esotropia (a vision condition where one eye turns inwards), resulting in Amblyopia in her left eye.

To treat this, she wears glasses full-time and patches for 3 hours per day, which her Mum, Sarah says doesn’t bother her, as it has just become part of her daily routine. 👏

Aiya loves choosing which design she is going to wear each day and her favourite patches are the mermaids, unicorns and ice creams 🧜‍♀️🦄🍦 She even has a special little pouch to put her patches in when she's on the road or having sleepovers at her grandparents' house! Keep up the incredible work Aiya, you are AMAZING ❤️

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