Motivating Kids to Patch

A diagnosis of Amblyopia can be intimidating for parents and convincing your child to pop on a patch and strengthen their curious eye can be a struggle. As your child must depend on the eye with the weaker vision while patching, they may experience difficulty seeing and try to remove their patch to alleviate discomfort. To help build confidence and motivation to patch, we've put together some tips and tricks on how to make patching FUN!

1. Plan an activity

Sit down with your child before they start patching and choose an activity that they will look forward to! We have a great range of kid-friendly patch time activities on our YouTube channel that you can explore. Like this one below!



2. Read a Book 

Books are a great way to help your child understand why they need to patch and the long-term benefits. We recommend you check out Rex's Specs by Jack Hughes, Dinosaur Farm by Kristen Silva, The Patch by Justine Chen Headly, Jacob's Eye Patch by Beth Kobliner Shaw and her son Jacob and The Pirate of Kindergarten by George Ella Lyon.


3. Check out Speckles' Superstars

Seeing photos and reading the stories of other patchers is a great way to help your child understand that they are not alone on their vision journey. You can visit the Speckles Superstar tab at the EyeHub or head to the community highlights reel on our Instagram.



4. Showcase your child's Motivational Reward Chart

Display your Speckles motivational reward chart proudly in your home or even share it on your social media, encouraging friends and family to leave supportive comments.

5.  Rock a FUN design and do a photoshoot

Does your child LOOOVE the camera? Plan a photoshoot and let them dress up in a costume inspired by one of Speckles' FUN and vibrant designs. From unicorn parties to pirate adventures to dinosaurs, we have something for every child's unique interests.

Remember every child has good days and bad days so when times get tough, take some deep breaths and pat yourself on the back. You are doing an amazing job and your little legend will no doubt thank you for your effort with their vision once they are older and understand the amazing impact it had! You can learn more about how to survive patch timewhy we patch the eye and some of the common causes of Amblyopia at the EyeHub.