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Meet our Patchers

Meet Alice 👏

by Zoe Drew 28 Oct 2022
Meet Alice 👏

Alice is 5 years old and she has endured more in her short life than most of us can imagine! She was diagnosed with orbital rhabdomyosarcoma (a soft tissue cancer) after her mum and dad noticed changes in her eye. Alice immediately started treatment, going through 6 months of chemotherapy, and 28 rounds of radiation, however, to ensure the best possible chances of survival, her parents made the difficult decision to remove her eye and eyelid.

Alice loves Speckles' unicorn 🦄 designs and she patches all day to cover where her eye would be. Her mum Sian says "This girl is so resilient and have given us so much strength through not 1, but 2 Cancer diagnosis'. She is our little pocket rocket, warrior, who smiles through the toughest of times. Our girl truly brings sunshine to our days and so many giggles. So happy that we get to spend the day, away from the hospital and out in the sunshine with her 🌞🎗🌈🌻🥰💛"

You can support the Morley family at their Go Fund Me page.

🌟 UPDATE November 2023 🌟 

We are absolutely ecstatic to hear that Alice has now finished her treatment and is cancer free 🥳

She now wears an eye patch every day and Sian said, "She doesn't often resist it but is also quite comfortable without. She understands that if she doesn't wear one, she will get curious looks and more questions from people....Her hair is growing back and she is healthy, very active and has started Prep now."

Alice is an absolute trooper and we are so proud of her bravery throughout this journey ❤️

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