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Meet our Patchers

Meet Bronte 👏

by Speckles Info 09 May 2023
Meet Bronte 👏

Bronte is a bright, cheeky and strong-willed 4 year old who has just started kindergarten. She has worn glasses since she was 2 due to strabismus along with two of her sisters. She has been patching for 4 weeks so far, on request of her optometrist at her last eye check-up, to help her curious eye stop wandering around.

Initially, it took some convincing to get Bronte to patch but she is getting better, especially with the help from the amazing teachers and admin staff at her school who help with putting her patch on for the last hour of the school day. Bronte needs to patch 4 hours a day. After school and the hour-long bus trip home, Bronte will get some special iPad or movie time or we go outside and play, ride bikes and explore. Patching doesn't stop Bronte from participating in anything she usually would.

Her mum, Erin said she found allowing Bronte to select what design she wants to wear each day helps her to feel more in control of her patching journey and happier to patch! The patches are so lovely and soft and don't hurt to remove at all. Bronte often gets positive comments from other kids and adults about her patch which helps to make it a more positive experience for her.

Thank you for sharing your patching journey with us Bronte, you're killing it 🙌 🎉

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