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Meet our Patchers

Meet Caoimhe 👏

by Zoe Drew 15 Dec 2022
Meet Caoimhe 👏

Caoimhe (pronounced Keeva) is 5 years old and has been wearing a patch for 9 months to strengthen her curious eye 👀

Due to her Strabismus, Caoimhe patches two hours per day, either at school or at home. She loves tracking her progress with her reward chart and keeps busy during patch time by painting, playing... and even patching her elf 🙈

Her mum, Lou, says she has taken so well to the patches, that she reminds her that she has to put them on days when she forgets. Although Caoimhe is making great progress, if after 4 months her Strabismus isn't corrected, she may need to have surgery, a prospect that is scary for all parents ❤️

We think you're killing it on your patching journey Caoimhe, keep it up 🎉

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