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Meet our Patchers

Meet Jocelyn 👏

by Keana Fat 28 Feb 2022
Meet Jocelyn 👏

Jocelyn is only 7 months but she patches like a pro! 🙌 She developed amblyopia due to her strabismus, also known as a turned eye. By patching her dominant eye, she is able to strengthen the eye muscles and vision in her turned eye which will help her with better outcomes for any future surgery 🙏

During patch time, her superhero parents, @noelle__bell like to read her baby books and Jocelyn tends to always reach and grab things which we think shows great use of that curious eye! Jocelyn also likes how our eye patches don't hurt her baby skin and how they fit nicely around her nose. 🥰

We are so happy to be a part of your patching journey, Jocelyn! ❤ You look cute wearing your unicorn galaxy eye patch 🦄 from our Unicorn World Bag. ✨

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