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Meet our Patchers

Meet Mia 👏

by Speckles Info 20 Feb 2024
Meet Mia 👏

Mia is four years old and only just started patching in August this year! Her parents noticed both of her eyes were starting to turn in just before her third birthday and after a trip to an eye specialist, she was diagnosed with accommodative esotropia and amblyopia. She has been wearing glasses and doing vision therapy since then, and while her vision hasn't gotten worse, it has not improved. After another trip to a specialist, it was recommended Mia start patching for a minimum of two hours per day, in addition to wearing glasses and doing her vision therapy. 🙌

Mia's mum Amy said, "I was worried when starting patching but speckles patches have made it so easy." Mia spends her patch time doing her vision therapy activities, which focus on her cross-body coordination to improve her hand-eye coordination. She also loves doing arts and crafts projects, which is another fantastic way to put her curious eye to work. 🎨🖌️

At the end of her two hours each day, Mia gets to pop her patch on her mermaid chart and pick a lucky dip prize, which are little treats like party poppers and temporary tattoos. Amy said, "She's excited for when she gets to 50 patches on the chart because then she can choose a fun family outing to celebrate ❤️".

Keep up the incredible work Mia 🫶

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