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Meet our Patchers

Meet Timothy 👏

by Speckles Info 03 Jan 2024
Meet Timothy 👏

Timothy is 5 years old and has been patching for 7 months after being diagnosed with Amblyopia. In his most recent appointment, his ophthalmologist said his eye has shown great improvements which is what we LOVE to hear! 🥳

Before he starts his patching, his favourite thing to do is tell Siri “Set a timer for four hours!” in a funny voice. His mum, Deb said "We didn’t need to use the reward poster for the first few months as he didn’t need an incentive to patch, but now we do it for fun. He loves counting down to his reward - a day where he can take the family to a playground of his choice! His aunty likes to ‘reward his eyes’ by taking him to the movies every school holidays. It has been an extremely positive experience and I’m sure it’s due to the fun patches. Thank you!"

Keep up the incredible work Timothy! We're cheering you on ❤️

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