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Meet Tullen 👏

by Speckles Info 22 Mar 2023
Meet Tullen 👏
Tullen is 2 years old and loves tracking his progress by popping a patch on his reward poster. His parents keep him motivated by giving him a prize each time he finishes a poster and explaining to him that if he doesn't patch, he will not be able to see (sometimes honesty is the best policy) 😉

When Tullen's parents first noticed his left eye was beginning to turn, they immediately got it checked out by an optometrist. They were referred to an eye specialist who let them know that the eye was a bit curious and needed some alone time to rebuild its connection to the brain. He patches for 4 to 6 hours a day to correct his Amblyopia and prevent a need for surgery later on.

We're cheering you on Tullen, keep up the amazing work!!! 🥳
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