Patching Survival guide for first time patchers

When you first start patching with your little legend, it can be intimidating. Hide and See Patches Orthoptist Maddy, has put together the DO's and DON'Ts of patching that will help make it a little bit easier!


  • Patch when your child is in a happy and good mood
  • Patch at the same time every day to create routine and normality
  • Put a patch on yourself first to show your child the process
  • Patch whilst your child is doing an activity they enjoy that stimulates vision
  • If required, patch your child using their correct visual aids. 
  • Encourage more green time and less screen time!
  • Have a reward system to encourage your child to patch (our patch bags include a AWESOME reward chart for this reason!)



  • Patch when your child is irritable, upset or tired
  • Patch for more than 2 hours if vision is 6/12 or less. *
  • Patch when your child is sleeping
  • Patch the wrong eye
  • Patch when your child is surrounded by people or obstacles due to their decreased depth perception. 



Don't forget to breathe! You are doing an amazing job and your little legend will no doubt thank you for your effort with their vision once they are older and understand the amazing impact it had! 


*PEDIG study shows it is as effective as 6 hours patching and is much easier for your child to tolerate. This can also reduce the risk of the good eye from developing secondary amblyopia